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Información Turística de Agaete



The Taxi Association from Agaete offers routes along the municipality. It´s necessary to arrange time and day.


Itinerary: Agaete – the highway GC 2 – Hoya de Pineda-Caideros – El Hornillo – Artenara-Tamadaba – return walking through a traditional path or by taxi.

It is located in the range of Tamadaba, where the only massive mountain which exists in the Northwest of Grand Canaria can be found. This mountain is formed by materials of the first volcanic eruptions in this island which took place about 13 millions years ago. The highest area in the park presents one of the best manifestations of pinegrove in the whole island, where even unique animal and vegetable species refuge, for example: the blue finch from Gran Canaria or the Eleonor Falcon. In this park, recreational areas and a camping place can also be enjoyed.
This route offers us the possibility of coming back on foot through the traditional path used by “Los Romeros” (pilgrims that go up the mountains in search of branches in the Festivity of the Branch). If you choose this possibility it will take you about three hours to do this path from Tamadaba to Agaete Valley.

Observations: bring appropriate shoes to walk as well as some extra clothes in case the weather changes.


Itinerary: Agaete’s centre – road C 200 to Piletas – Piso Firme – Agaete Valley – El Risco

There is a great tradition in elaborating handmade products in Gran Canaria, where handmade cheese especially stand out. There is a great variety of these and each one has its own peculiar characteristic. The most representative is the cheese made out of milk combination, f.e.: cow – goat milk, cow – sheep, and all the possible combinations available. Agaete has been well known not only because of its seafaring gastronomy, but also because of its typical products with a long tradition in this municipality, with a special importance in the Valley zone, where coffee, oranges, tropical fruits are grown, as well as honey which is also obtained in this area.
Nowadays Agaete counts on seven traditional dairies which make cheese with traditional techniques.
In this route we will have the opportunity to visit several handmade cheese dairies with tasting of the different types of cheese and their peculiarities, as well as typical local products of the municipality. You will also have the chance to buy fruit trees from this zone.


Itinerary: Agaete – Valley: San Pedro, Casas del Camino, Los Berrazales, El Sao – return to Agaete’s centre: San Sebastián and its hermitage, Los Chorros zone, Flowers Orchard, Church of Our Virgin of Concepción – Las Nieves Port: old jetty and Finger of God, Hermitage of Our Virgin Las Nieves and its Flemish Triptych – road C 200: Guayedra – El Risco.

Agaete summed up in just 45,49 kilometres a great diversity of landscapes which goes from huge mountains in Tamadaba Range, which surround the Valley of Agaete to the impressive and steep cliffs which are along its coast, bringing together unique views and landscapes. But Agaete is more than that, inside its limits we can find some of its historical, artistic and natural attractiveness, such as the Flowers Orchard, the hermitage of The Virgin of Las Nieves and its Flemish Triptych from the 16th Century, representing this same Virgin.

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